Hollandsche Waaren

Anne-Marie Jetten

Hollandsche Waaren is a label by Anne-Marie Jetten. All products are designed and produced with a twist to Dutch symbols and elements.
The entire collection with many original series is based on the elements which the Dutch are famous for: Delftblue, windmills, clogs, miniatures depicting Dutch spells. Also we have Biscuit cups and much more.
The idea to work with something so typical Dutch arose after a trip to Japan in 2001. However, it became clear how everyone is determined by unconscious clichés when visiting a country. By featuring the iconic Delft Blue elements into cups and bowls the context of the souvenir is removed but still a typical Dutch aspect is present.


We design and develop custom made businessgifts for b2b as well as special products for museums or retailers.

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